Paratherms fully synthetic range of heat transfer fluids offer a complete range of operating temperatures to meet all you heat transfer needs.

Paratherm fluid temperature ranges
Paratherm fluid temperature ranges

Low Temperature Liquids

Paratherm CR

Paratherm CR Heat Transfer Fluid was developed specifically for process heat/cool systems operating between -115C and +204C. It's a low viscosity, fully synthetic non-silicone product that provides consistent system performance while eliminating runaway coil freeze-ups and handling containment problems. Paratherm CR does meet similar Group III Flammability properties as Syltherm XLT.
> Download Paratherm CR MSDS (pdf)

Heating & Cooling Fluids

Paratherm GLT

Paratherm GLT is our new synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid for operating conditions between --28C to +285C.
> Download Paratherm GLT MSDS (pdf)

Paratherm MR

Paratherm MR is designed for systems requiring single fluid heating (maximum +285 C) and cooling (to -1 C) capability. It contains no aromatics, is easy to work with and can be charged into any standard hot oil system.
> Download Paratherm MR MSDS (pdf)

Paratherm LR

Paratherm LR is a food grade product rated for service ranges of +5 C to +205 C. It is acceptable for Specialty Chemical Batch Equipment; Pharmaceutical Production and others.
> Download Paratherm LR MSDS (pdf)

High Temperature Fluids

Paratherm HR

Paratherm HR is our new stable High Temperature synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid for operating conditions between -5 C to +340 C.
> Download Paratherm HR MSDS (pdf)

Paratherm NF

Paratherm NF is recommended for food applications (it's USDA/FDA certified) or where long service life at high operating temperature is required. It's low pour point and ambient viscosity also reduce the start-up time required for frequent cold start-ups.
> Download Paratherm NF MSDS (pdf)

Paratherm HE

Paratherm HE is recommend for continuous service in fired heaters. It is economical yet exceptionally durable in systems that operate with a vented expansion tank.
> Download Paratherm HE MSDS (pdf)

Paratherm OR

Paratherm OR is specified for systems where on-going fluid oxidation is unavoidable. It's unique formulation prevents the sludge and deposits that occur when hot fluid is constantly exposed to air.
> Download Paratherm OR MSDS (pdf)
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