Product Overview

PSE Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are proud to provide a range of specialized products to meet the most stringent of requirements in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Take a moment to browse though our Product Range below:


We offer a wide range of Fluorine Refrigerants including HFCs (e.g. R134a, R404A & R410A) and HCFCs (e.g. R22, R408A) as well as a range of environmentally friendly Natural Refrigerants including R717 (Ammonia), R744 (CO2 ) and Hydrocarbons.

Heat transfer fluids

Secondary refrigerants are becoming more widely used today due to the increasing costs of Primary Refrigerant gases and the pressure of many being phased out of use. At PSE, we can offer you a wide selection of Heat Transfer Fluids, each tailored to exhibiting a broad spectrum of temperature ranges to suit almost all industry applications.

Refrigerant oil

We offer several brands of Premium Refrigerant Oil for refrigerant systems using either CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, Ammonia (R717) or Hydrocarbons.

Gas/Leak Detectors

PSE can provide & install a variety of leak detection systems to suit your business needs, together with offering onsite training in the use of and emergency procedures to be undertaken.

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